Have Mark Play On Your Project
Easy. Professional. Affordable.

It's easy and affordable to have world class drummer Mark Zonder record the drum tracks on your song or album directly from his state-of-the-art studio.  All you have to do is send Mark your track files digitally or on disc.  He'll do the rest until you are 100% satisfied with the result. Mark knows it rarely gets done on the first take, so he'll do all the passes necessary to get the recording right.  He'll also be in direct contact with you via email and on the phone during the whole process to make sure you're happy with the final result.

What You Save: Money, Time and Your Music

Having Mark play on your project eliminates a host of problems with a typical recording session:

NO sitting in traffic and struggling to find a parking space at the overcrowded studio
NO waiting hours for the drummer to show up with a horrible-sounding kit
NO watching the engineer struggle to get sounds as his cell phone constantly rings
NO dealing with a drummer who can’t keep time but can give you attitude
NO paying a huge studio bill for drinking coffee, watching the clock and hoping things go right
NO COMPROMISE on your final product

You get recordings of the final complete drum part, all the individual drum tracks plus an extra stereo compressed track mixed by platinum award winning engineer Joe Marlett

Mark records everything using top-notch vintage gear, tube mics and analog equipment to give the track that warm, thick sound. And his creative drum playing is perfect for a wide spectrum of music from pop to prog rock.  No matter what your request is, if it can be done in a recording studio, Mark will do it!

How the process works:

This is the Easy part.  Here’s what you have to do to get a great recording from Mark:

1.Upload your music files to Mark’s FTP site or mail him a CD or DVD with the files
2.Make sure you’ve included a click track or tempo

That’s it!

Here’s the Professional part.  This is what Mark will do to give you a great recording:

1.Mark plays on the track and sends you mp3s to review to make sure you’re happy with his work.  This means he'll be in contact with you
  throughout the entire recording process to make sure you get what you want.  When you're 100% satisfied, the job is done...and not before
2.After you’ve approved Mark’s recorded part, he sends you a disc with the entire track including his part along with the individual drum tracks
3.If you request it, Mark will send you a stereo version of the drum track mixed by platinum award winning engineer Joe Marlett.


Here’s the Affordable part. Mark is willing to work with your budget and believes an independent project can still have big-budget sound!

1.You pay half of the fee when Mark begins work on the track and the balance before he sends you the disc with the finished recording and all
  the individual tracks
2.Mark will give you a discount if you have him play on a full album

Easy. Professional. Affordable. 
Three great reasons to hire Mark for your next recording project.

Email Mark at zonderm@gmail.com to inquire about recording details, booking and prices

(760) 445-0092
(760) 445-0092