Hire Pro Drummer Mark Zonder
Have Mark Play On Your Project
Easy. Professional. Affordable.
It's easy and affordable to have world class drummer Mark Zonder record the drums on your song or album directly from his state-of-the-art studio.

All you have to do is send Mark your track files digitally or on disc.
He'll do the rest until you are 100% satisfied with the result.

You get recordings of the final complete drum part, all the individual tracks plus an extra stereo compressed track mixed by platinum award winning engineer Joe Marlett

Mark records everything using top-notch vintage gear, tube mics and analog equipment to give the track that warm, thick sound. And his creative drum playing is perfect for a wide spectrum of music from pop to odd-time prog rock.

Click here for more information on the process or email Mark for more details and prices or to book a session.

See below for details on Mark Zonder Lite.

What Mark's Clients Are Saying
"I have worked with many of the world's best drummers and Mark is most definitely in the "world's best" category.  Mark's rock solid time and ability to play any kind of  groove is second to none. In the studio Mark is the ultimate professional having a deep knowledge of record  production and drum recording."
- Phil Magnotti, Grammy Award Winning Producer/Engineer

"I worked with Mark on several projects and it was always a pleasure. Outside being a fantastic drummer, Mark is goal driven, realistic and professional." - guitarist "Metal Mike" Chlasciak (Judas Priest, Halford, Sebastian Bach)

"Mark is a pleasure to work with, always professional, extremely creative, and gets great results. My songs are “adult contemporary rock,” and Mark took them to an amazing new level while staying solidly within each song’s format--never overplaying, always there with the right groove and appropriate fill."
-- Woody Moran, singer/songwriter

"Mark brought a new level of creativity to the table and treated our songs as if they were his own.  Even though all of the tracks were recorded remotely, it feels as if we were all in the same room playing together. All of his drum parts had a distinct personality made up of  groove, emotion, and tasteful technicality." -- Jake Rosenberg of the band In Progress

"If you want top notch drums for your tunes then Mark is the guy. In a matter of couple of days he was done tracking his drums and he sent me huge, clean, crisp sounding drum tracks. Oh, and did I also mention he is a very nice guy." -- Dave Odegard
The Gear
(Sample Signal Path)
Neve 33115 Mic pre and eq (Kick)
Neve 33115 Mic pre and eq (Snare)
Summit Audio MPE 200 Mic pre and eq (Rack Tom)
Summit Audio MPE 200 Mic pre and eq (Floor Tom)
Summit Audio Everest ECS 410 (Second Snare)
Cal Rec PQ10 Mic pre and eq (Hi Hat)
Cal Rec PQ10 Mic pre and eq (Ride)
Manley Dual Mono Mic pre (Overheads)
Summit Audio TPA 200 thru Empirical Labs Distressor Compressor  (Rm Mics)
Vintage DBX 160 w/vu meters (Compressed Stereo Track)
Summit Audio DCL 200 Compressor
Summit Audio EQP200B EQ
Amek Big 28 Analog Console
Lexicon PCM 91

Full line of Lauten Audio Tube Mics
Horizon, Torches, Oceanus, Clarion, AKG, Shure and EV

Drum Workshop Custom Hybrid Kit

Various ethnic percussion instruments

The Endorsements
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(760) 445-0092
Mark Zonder Lite

Mark is now offering a new service for artists who do not want drum tracks for a complete song recorded but simply want a groove or pattern of album quality drum tracks at an economical price.

This is what Mark would need. 
1.A tempo of what you would want your groove played to.
2.Idea of style.  Feel free to send musical idea for reference
3.Whether you want fills in the groove or not
4.If you want Mark to loop it for you, up to 4 minutes.

You would receive on a disc of all of the individual tracks as well as a stereo mixed drum track by award winning engineer Joe Marlett along with a compressed stereo drum track for extra punch. 

The finished track could be cut and pasted into any existing song or track you're creating.

Mark Zonder Lite is ideal for songwriters who are tired of playing to drum machines.  Live drums can inspire ideas in the songwriting phase as well.  This is also great for musicians practicing their craft that would rather groove to real drums than either a click track or a sterile drum machine. 

For more information, email Mark or call him at 760-445-0092.